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Wash'em While "U" Wait Auto Detailing & Pressure Washing.

We believe customer choice of services in this industry is based on,"What do customer's expect from His or Her detail business", That's simple: customers want convenience, effective and efficient expert & professional services, reasonable pricing based on industry. Most of all, most customers want superior customer service, convenient drop-off and pickup services. In today's world life is busy; detailing and pressure washing should be the least of your concerns. WWUW is in place to bare these burdens for you.

Operating Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

​SATURDAY: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Hours subject to change based on need.

Appointment Line: 704-837-5165

Jermaine Brown/CEO: 704-837-5165

We believe in person-to-person contact,

We welcome your calls, constructive criticism as well as suggestions. 

We aspire to increase productivity, efficiency, and loyalty to our customers.

WWUW Family.

Licensed & Insured

About Us....

​​Our Mission: Provide customers with superior customer service as we establish a professional business relationship. "We dedicate ourselves, to give the best to our customers, because they expect the best." Jermaine Brown​, Owner



With over 15 years in the business Auto Detailing and Pressure Washing is a gift. I am happy when my customers are happy about the services we provide. I believe everybody deserves the best, when they pay for our services. My Culture is everyone should,

      "Ride with a shine at all time."​


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Our Services

​- Exterior Only

- Exterior & Interior

- Interior Detailing

- Mini Detailing

- Express Wash Wax

- Wash & Wax

- Complete Detail

- Individual & Alternate Services

- Mobile Service Available

- Pressure Washing Services

- Headlight Restoration Available

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